About Us

Grant Witheridge Grant Witheridge is the principal of Catchments & Creeks Pty Ltd, and a leading authority in Hydraulics, Stormwater Management, Waterway Management, Erosion & Sediment Control, and associated Industry Training.

Grant has over 30 yearsexperience in the investigation, modelling and design of hydraulic structures, including 7 years at the University of NSW Water Research Laboratory. Grant has both a Degree and Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of NSW, Sydney.

In the early 90s Grant worked for Brisbane City Council and was involved in the design of stormwater systems, floodplain management and creek restoration. In the late 90s Grant worked for Griffith University in Brisbane as a part-time lecturer and consultant. Currently Grant is working as an engineering consultant through his own company Catchments and Creeks Pty Ltd.

Grant is the principal author of a number of technical publications including the Institution of Engineers' (Qld) 1996 Erosion and sediment control guidelines, and the latest update of this document, the IECA Australasia 2008 Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control documents. This latter document took 13 years to write and consists of a suite of 6 books totally over 1800 pages.

Since 1996 Grant has conducted over 500 training courses in construction site erosion and sediment control, stormwater management and waterway rehabilitation. In 2009 Grant was presented with the inaugural 'Neville Gibson Award' forservices to the stormwater industry by the Queensland Branch of the Stormwater Industry Association. In 2010 Grant was honoured with the 'Sustained Contributor Award' for 2009 by the International Erosion Control Association.